Fill Level Forecasts

We believe that overfilled and damaged trash cans are a thing of the past! With "Nethcon" we want to revolutionize the smart world of public wastebaskets in small and big cities by enhancing the already existing wastebaskets with the help of our sophisticated algorithm, the corresponding sensor technology and an end-user friendly app.

The Nethcon Team

App Showcase

With our user-friendly iOS and Android app, employees can visualize the previously calculated route. The route is constantly recalculated based on the changing prioritization of the wastebaskets.

Why choose us?

Unique Emptying Algorithm

Our sophisticated algorithm calculates and prioritizes the order of the wastebaskets to be emptied based on several factors so that as much waste as possible is emptied in as little time as possible. This not only uses real-time data, but also fill level forecasts.

Hardware Leasing Opportunity

You don't want to worry about technology failure? Then benefit from our hardware leasing option, by means of which Nethcon monitors the equipment and replaces it as quickly as possible in case of malfunction.

Product Customization

In order for our solution to work most efficiently for each city, we adapt it to the given factors. Thus, not only the number of wastebaskets, but also their installation density and shape play an important role in achieving our common goal.

Developed and manufactured in Germany

We establish partnerships with local companies to achieve the best possible production routes and thus keep the CO2 footprint low.

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